What is threading hair removal? The ancient art of threading hair removal started in the Middle-east. It's a method for removing hair at the root and is used primarily on facial hair. Threading hair is so basic to women in the Middle East and India that it is compared to girls learning to braid each other's hair as children. Threading is used on the entire face, including upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks. Our clients report it is preferred to tweezing and over-the-counter depilatories.

Description: The gentle and precise twisting of a length of cotton thread traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle. Threading is more effective and less painful than tweezing; hair re-growth becomes finer and more sparse after regular treatments; and the top layers of skin are not traumatized in the process.  Threading is highly recommended as an excellent option for those who use Retin-A, Accutane and similar products.

Advantages: Inexpensive, fast, neat, it is considered less painful than plucking for many. Like plucking, results can last more than three weeks. Watch our videos ===============>>>.

Common Questions: How long does it take to do my eyebrows? Approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Does it hurt? It may sound painful, but threading is a lot less painful than waxing. Many of my clients say it hurts less than waxing and some say it does not hurt at all. Some even smile while being threaded!

What is Threading?
Threading Video #2

What are the benefits as compared to waxing? Threading does not remove or damage the upper layers of skin.  Accidental burns can not occur. The majority of my clients experience no redness or swelling.  If redness or swelling occurs, it is gone within a short time. No irritation or bumps at all.  Hair does not grow back as fast, and hair regrowth is finer.  Threading removes even the finest of hair and the skin feels as smooth as a baby's skin.

Threading Video #1 Threading Video #3
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