About Us

Hi. We're Mohammed and Virginia. The two business partners behind Salon MohVi!
Mohammed & Virginia
Business Partners at Saloh MohVi

Welcome to Salon MohVi.  We’re in business to serve your haircare needs, and we’ve been doing just that for a number of years at our location on O Street and 56th in Lincoln, NE.

Mohammed loves to style hair.  He has many years of salon experience, and continues to please, amaze, and satisfy his haircare clients year after year.  Whether you need a trim, a hair cut, color, hair extensions, styling, or threading, Mohammed can handle it all!

Virginia does manicures, pedicures, consults with clients on their bridal, wedding, and special event make-up and styling needs.  And she still finds time to handle the business facing activities as well.  Together Virginia and Mohammed are Salon MohVi!

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